Attorney General give update on country’s blacklisting

(BIS Photo/Carlyle Sands)

Attorney General, Senator the Hon. Carl Bethel providing an update on strides made by the government to have the Bahamas removed from the European Union’s blacklist. His comments came during the opening of the legal year Wednesday.

Senator Bethel says to date, they have held bi-lateral zoom meetings with senior justice officials in Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. He added that the meetings will continue over the course of the next several months.

“We have held a further meeting just this week with the Director General Mr.┬áJohn Berrigan and expect some further consultation at a technical level before the end of this month.

“If things prove satisfactory then the EU commission will consider whether to D list the Bahamas from their European Union blacklist so we will await those consultations.

“In order to do all of this we had to really move mountains legislatively we passed several major pieces of legislation” the Attorney General said.