Doctors Hospital Health System Ltd continues to treat non-COVID patients


Written by Doctor’s Hospital Marketing Department

In continuing its commitment to offering Trusted and Best Care Now, Doctors Hospital informs the public that while it continues to treat the needs of COVID-19 and related conditions it remains open and available for patients needing care for non-COVID-19 related emergencies and urgent conditions. Patients with non-COVID-19 related conditions can directly access its ‘urgent care’ services at the Centreville Medical Centre by calling 302-3250.

Patients may also continue to arrive via private vehicle at the front of the main facility on Shirley Street and Collins Avenue where there are trained personnel who will meet you and assist you with making the best decisions for treatment. This could involve having tests done in Doctors Hospital. Depending on your needs, the hospital is providing safe spaces for emergency treatment and surgery as indicated onsite.

Emergency patients who do not require a hospital stay for treatment also have the option of having all necessary tests done in Doctors Hospital and then being referred to the hospital’s specialist service center at Centreville Medical Centre. If you need guidance on the best decision to make for your emergency symptoms then call the hospital’s Patient Experience Officer at 808-8879