PHA Procures New Ambulances

New Ambulance Dedication May 2021

The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) has acquired seven (7) new ambulances. The Ambulances were procured from Demers Ambulance Manufacturer Inc., based in Quebec Canada and are valued at eight hundred fifteen thousand, six hundred forty-
two dollars and eighty-four cents ($815,642.84).

The vehicles, three (3) type II Ford T250 van, Gas V6 ambulances which were deployed for service, and four (4) type III Ford E350 cutaway, Gas V8 which are ready for immediate deployment to the National Emergency Medical Services (NEMS) for service
in New Providence and Grand Bahama. The ambulances were commissioned following a brief blessing service conducted by Princess Margaret Hospital Chaplain, Canon, the Reverend Sebastian Campbell on Friday May 7th.

During the blessing service, PHA Deputy Managing Director, Lyrone Burrows advised, “The cost of procuring emergency vehicles is not insignificant, the Public Hospitals Authority, and by extension the Government of the Bahamas, investment in these vehicles approximates $816,000. With this investment the PHA not only seeks to replace some of our aging vehicles but will also expand its existing fleet.”

He went on, “it is our intention to continue to phase out aging vehicles as they reach the end of their usefulness, ensuring that our Emergency Medical Services is equipped with the most current, technologically enhanced tools available.” The type II ambulances (van chassis), boast incorporate LED 9 warning lights in the aerodynamic roof design, aerodynamic roof and rear spoiler design, highly efficient ducted AC system, 69 inch interior headroom, aluminium cabinet structure for better durability, better fuel economy and higher resale value, standard Demers Multiplex Electronic System which offers full operational flexibility to easily customize the
vehicle’s electronic functions to specific needs, increased space for medical equipment, and best in class payload capacity at over 1,7000 lbs, which is thirty percent (30%) more than the required payload capacity.

The type III ambulances feature industry leading payload and available storage space in a design that promotes safety, aerodynamics and efficient remount process while supporting efficient workflow and ergonomics for EMS professionals and patients. The Multiplex Electrical System reduces downtime for repairs and does not require a certified electrical technician for maintenance or troubleshooting. Interior surfaces have been coated with Crest Clean, an antimicrobial coating which prevents and protects all interior surfaces from growth of bacteria and destructive microorganisms, enhancing safety for patients and EMS professionals.

In a communication to the PHA, Yves Sicotte, Director of International Sales for Demers advised, “For the communities in which you serve, your ambulance meets or exceed North American standards for quality and safety. Built for both crew comfort and
occupant safety, the Demers Ambulances provide many standard features and storage for medical devices designed to provide the best patient care.”

Director of NEMS, Dr. Alvery Hanna, noted how delighted EMS crews were with the procurement of the new ambulances. She added that the two (2) of the type III ambulances would be deployed to Grand Bahama and the remaining two (2) would serve New Providence.

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