Covid 3rd wave?


While a third wave of the coronavirus continues to hammer various countries around the world, officials here at home are keeping a close eye on all possible covid developments.

Director of the Consultant Physician of Infectious Diseases at the Princess Margret Hospital, Dr. Nikkiah Forbes says it’s hard to say if there will be a third wave despite the new strain canvassing its way around the globe.

“We know with global travel and with the movement of people from country to country, that’s what causes the transmission of infectious diseases from country to country so sooner or later we will get the new strain of covid-19.

“Now the public health measures work to prevent getting this new strain of covid-19 so you cannot say without a doubt that we’re definitely going to get a third wave its dependent on a lot of things. Like how well we follow the public health guidelines and prevention, and then also strategies like isolation, contact tracing” Dr. Forbes explained.

And with the new strain in more than 33 countries around the world coupled with vaccinations being rolled out. For some there is the concern of an allergic reaction.

“It is not unusual for people who are allergic to certain vaccines or vaccine components, for example components in the flu vaccine, to be advised not to take flu vaccine or the type of flu vaccine that triggers their allergies.

“So the adverse reaction you are talking about is an allergic reaction, it has been reported that some people who have severe allergies where they get swelling of their lips and tongue ort hives that they should be cautious when considering the covid-19 vaccine and that would be no different than recommendations for anyone that has allergies to certain medication or other modalities.

Preventative measures remain important and Dr. Forbes makes it clear that healthy lifestyle practices are important as well.

“If one doesn’t have a well-balanced diet with the recommended daily allowance of multivitamin or vitamin supplement and there is some emerging information that vitamin D deficiency could increase the risk of having a positive test.

“And scientist is still at whether or not there is a link between certain vitamin deviancies and worse outcomes with covid-19, but the jury is waiting for more robust control trials” she said.

Rest and exercise will also go a long way in the fight against the virus that has claimed 175 lives here in the Bahamas.