Ministry of Health braces for potential third wave

Minister of Health Hon. Renward Wells

The Bahamas has been listed as one of just 27 countries that have largely tamed the covid-19 pandemic, according to

The website is a self-described international volunteer coalition of over 4,000 scientists and other community stakeholders.

Minister of Health, the Hon. Renward Wells says his team of medical professionals are ready to execute plans to tackle the threat of a third wave.

“We have expanded the amount of doctors that we have; we hired 32 new doctors last year during the 2nd wave.

“We expanded our bed capacity in country down from, I think it was maybe about 30 beds for covid up to the potential for about 130 beds throughout the entire Bahamas, well mainly in grand Bahama and here in New Providence to be able to deal with covid-19.

“And we have worked very hard to ensure that the health protocols would be observed.

“We put the covid enforcement unit in place and so the government of the Bahamas, the Prime Minister and the Competent Authority made some decisions as to what protocols would be put in place to help us bring the numbers down for covid but also to stave off any potential third wave” Minister Wells said.